Three Hands Press Announces 11-Copy Run of “The Wicked Shall Decay”

Three Hands Press has announced a edition A.D. Mercer’s The Wicked Shall Decay limited to 11 copies. So — if this is yr jawn, best order now! Their FB page says:

“‘The Wicked Shall Decay’, by A.D. Mercer, reserve edition, limited to 11 copies in full black goatskin.”

And, if the content of such books is of any interest you as opposed to their exclusivity and resale value, the publisher’s website describes the book so:

“Even after the practice of witch-hunting and persecution began to wane, malefic sorcery was greatly feared as a baneful and pernicious influence, particularly in rural areas during the 18th and 19th century. The arsenal of folk-magical armaments against such powers included charms, spells, rituals, sigils, and magical squares, as well as the use of magical herbs and words of power. Many of these practices resembled in method and materiel the very evil they were meant to combat, embodying in themselves a savour of the sinister and demonic.

“Accessing a diverse array of historical and folkloric sources, A.D. Mercer’s The Wicked Shall Decay gathers together a collection of obscure British magic featuring curses, anti-witchcraft spells and hedges against malevolent power. Greatly treasured in their day for their efficacy, these rites document a widespread tradition of ‘dark folk magic’ of value to the research of both scholar and esoteric practitioner alike.

“The Wicked Shall Decay is 168 pages, printed offset litho in red and black inks on heavy stock, with 31 woodcut illustrations throughout. It is available in trade paper, standard hardcover in carmine cloth with two-colour embossed wraps, and a deluxe edition in full earthen leather, limited to 44 copies.”

Order yours now!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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