Three Hands Press Announced October Release of Witch-Ikon

The Cultus Sabbatai’s publishing arm, Three Hands Press has announced the release of a new title at the end of this month, Witch-Ikon. Their website says:

“The figure of the Witch has haunted the margins of religion and spirituality for thousands of years, as a figure of transgressive spiritual power, outlaw magic, and alluring sexuality. Equally pervasive is her presence in art, from ancient depictions in the near east, through the European Middle Ages, down to her present representations in occult subculture. WITCH-IKON gathers a vast selection of images of witches and their diabolical magic, emphasizing the range of artistic depictions that have helped coalesce this most powerful of modern supernatural icons.

“Numerous full color images are accompanied by several scholarly essays concerning the iconography of witchcraft, the magic of images, and the iconography  used to represent witches through time. Special sections on archaeological artifacts of folk magic and malefic sorcery shed light on previously obscure imagic symbols of the Witch’s art.  The book includes writings by Michael Bertiaux, Daniel A. Schulke, Madeleine LeDespencer, Martin Duffy, Lee Morgan, and Jon Crabb.

“Contemporary occult artists include: Claudia Avila, K. Lenore Siner, Rory MacLean, Mike Davis, Andrew D. Chumbley, Roberto Migliussi, Marzena Ablewska, Tom Allen, Santiago Caruso, Carolyn Hamilton-Giles, Johnny Decker Miller, Madeline VonFoerster, Benjamin Vierling, Timo Ketola, and many others. Accompanied by an ART EXHIBITION in support of the book, WITCH-IKON will be of interest to scholars of art history, occult researchers, artists, and practitioners of esoteric traditions.

“The book is 288 pages, printed offset lithography on heavy stock, to be released in four separate editions” 

read more or order a copy here:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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