Thou Art Darkest Art Exhibit Travelling Europe and U.S. Featuring Behemoth

“Thou Art Darkest” is an exhibition of artwork created by photographer Sylwia Makris featuring members of the Polish Black/Death Metal band Behemoth and sculptor Tomasz Gornicki.

The exhibition’s website gives these descriptions of the artists:

Tomasz Gornicki

One of the most interesting and creative young generation sculptors from Poland. Combines classic techniques with experimentation. Graduated asrt class in XXXIV Miguel de Cervantes High School in 2004, In 2010 graduated with honours on Sculpture Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of professor Janusz Antoni Pastwa.

Sylwia Makris

She is educated sculptor but the photography has been her main visual medium for several years. Sylwia’s creative expression connect digital photography with mixed traditional paintings and sculpting technologies. Her art is inspired by the old masters of painting combined with the silhuettes of contemporary pop culture. Makris currently lives and work in Munich, Germany. Her work is part of the collections in Germany, Poland and USA

The exhibition first opened in Gdansk in September, moved to Berlin in early October, stops in London tomorrow, Warsaw later this month, then U.S. next month.

G D A Ń S K  28.September.2018
B E R L I N  2.October.2018
L O N D O N  5.October.2018
W A R S Z A W A  08-09.October.2018
N E W  Y O R K  02-03.November.2018
L O S  A N G E L E S  25.November.2018

For more information and a cool promotional video visit:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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