Thoth Tarot Deck Restoration Project Complete

Earlier this year Ordo Templi Orientis International Headquarters’ news page reported on the completion of the restoration of the original paintings for the cares in Thoth Tarot deck:

“O.T.O. had known for many years that the original Thoth Tarot paintings, owned by the Warburg Institute, needed urgent restoration work if they were to be preserved for future generations. The initial estimate obtained by the Institute from a British firm of conservators many years ago was discouragingly high.

“Eventually, an arrangement was made between the O.T.O. and the Warburg’s in-house conservation specialist, Susan Campion, who kindly offered to do the work on a time-available basis for a cost that seemed possible, if not easy, for O.T.O. to raise. The Institute kindly made available its conservation studio for the work, a large savings of costs over sending the work out. We began internal fund-raising back in 2005 and the work began in 2006, reaching completion in late 2011. The project requirements changed during restoration due to conditions discovered on disassembly of the mounted cards—see the initial conservation report ( Susan Campion generously offered to perform the additional work required—much of it very challenging technically—within the original estimate.

“O.T.O. was eventually able to raise the full amount required, including extra funds beyond the original estimate to have replacement storage boxes built, totalling over $53,000. Of this, nearly $48,500 came directly from the O.T.O. membership—including several wonderfully generous individual donations, and including pooled donations sent in through local bodies. The comparatively small topup needed to complete the project came from the International Headquarters treasury.

“I am incredibly proud of O.T.O. as an organization, and of my brothers and sisters who gave so generously. Thank you all—and thanks to Treasurer General Vere Chappell for coordinating the fundraising.

“I especially wish to thank Susan Campion, and the curators of the Yorke Collection, for making this possible.

“It was this restoration project that made possible the inclusion of several of the Thoth Tarot paintings in major art exhibitions—the paintings could not have travelled otherwise.” – Hymenaeus Beta, OHO, Ordo Templi Orientis

Microsoft Word - TAROT CARDS Trtment REPORT 1.3.06.doc

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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