Theurgic System of Achieving Henosis

Theion Publishing is taking pre-orders fro Theia Philosophia by Jason Arthur Green. The posted description says:

Theia Philosophia by Jason Arthur Green is a Theurgic system of training focused principally on achieving  Henosis, the unification with the divine.  This practical manual offers insights and guidance for the soul’s potential attainment of the symbiosis between the mortal and immortal.

“This work is a unique testament to a spiritual path and discipline – a ‘theurgia’ or ‘god work’ – crafted from the world’s ageless spiritual traditions. Rendered in prose more redolent, at times, of sacred texts, the author’s writing style facilitates introspection and a re-consideration of our own spiritual path within the larger framework provided by the notion of a Prisca Theologia.”

Peter Mark Adams
Author of ‘Game of Saturn’, ‘Hagia Sophia’, ‘Mystai’, and more

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Bibliographic details:

  • 208 pages, 165×235 mm.
  • printed on wood-free quality Design paper (115gsm).

Fine Hardcover Edition

  • Hardcover bound in high quality f.color metallic “crystal” cover paper, designed by Schabert, produced by Gmund.
  • Gold embossing on front and lettering on spine, headbands, silk ribbon.
  • Sand-gold endpapers.
  • Limited to 488 copies only.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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