There is NO Get Out Of Debt Glyph

Back in 2012 I wrote a book called Financial Sorcery that codified what was, at that point, my teaching on money management and magic. In it are a set of 16 glyphs for everything from Drawing Money, to Financial Discipline, to Viral Marketing. But there is no “Get Out Of Debt” Glyph, which some have found frustrating.

The reason that there is no get out of debt glyph is that there is no single enchant-able action to accomplish that. Think about it. How does one get out of debt? Let’s make a list:

  • Taking a larger percentage of your income and applying to paying more than the minumum payments on your debt. There are Money Holding and Financial Discipline Glyphs for that. 
  • Increasing Income and applying the increase to the Debt. Money drawing, promotion, and Financial Disciple Glyphs are what you need. 
  • Debt Consolidation Legal Matter and Fiscal Discipline Glyphs
  • Debt Forgiveness or Interest rate Negotiation- – Sweetening, Dominating, and Legal Matters will help you out. 

Beyond these there are also the Good Luck and Reversing Bad Luck Glyphs that will grease the wheels of whatever strategy you decide to take. The point is though – you need a strategy. 

If you are in debt, and want to get out of debt, a “Get out of debt” glyph is not going to help you anywhere near as the options above. Such a Glyph would be casting a wish to the wind.

This is true not only of getting out of debt of course, but a lot of other endeavors as well.

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