Thelemic Themed Novel The Secret of The Red Truck

Kyler James novel The Secret Of The Red Truck was published some four years ago and is still selling strongly.  The narrative is interwoven with Thelemic themes and non-secret details of O.T.O. ritual and practice. The Amazon page for the novel states:

In a nameless town and a nameless country, The Secret of the Red Truck tells the story of Micky, a possible schizophrenic who finds God, his sister Viagra, a sensitive beauty who finds art, and a hot truck driver, Dave, who finds himself in a dangerous predicament. Through their misadventures and ensuing love triangle, our anti-heroes search for the answers, all hidden in the back of the Big Red Truck. If you think you know your mind, think again–but don’t think too hard. You might lose it after finally discovering…The Secret of the Red Truck.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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