Thelemic Mardi Gras Krewe

The organizer of Krewe What Thou Wilt, the New Orleans-based Mardi Gras krewe largely peopled by members of Ordo Templi Orientis was kind enough to provide us a report of their latest parading, which took place Saturday January 27:

“On Saturday January 27th 2018 Krewe What Thou Wilt rolled for its fourth year in krewedelusion, New Orleans’ satirical and surrealist Mardi Gras parade – “a parade with a purpose on the night of delusion.” Krewe What Thou Wilt was established in 2015 e.v. by Alombrados Oasis, and is the first officially recognized O.T.O. presence in Carnival. Our participation is a fun way for brothers and sisters to come together and celebrate the season while spreading awareness of Thelema.

“For our 2018 theme KWTW adopted the title “It Takes Gold to Make Gold”. Following the tradition of using the tarot as a starting point each year, our annual pick was the Art Card, which was depicted on our throws and formed the basis for the main float.  The Art Card alludes to the alchemical process. The motto of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. appears within the illustration: Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem or “Visit the interior of the Earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone.” Our design centered on the Great Work and metaphors for personal transformation. Four altars pulled on bike carts depicted the alchemical stages of Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo, and the Lapis Philosophorum. We took visual inspiration from Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, imbuing the parade with technicolor occult pop.

“For more information or to learn how you can join Krewe What Thou Wilt, please visit our website at”

all photos by Nathan Tucker

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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