Thelemic Holy Season Observances via Skype

Image from the Aeon Thoth Tarot Card

A collaborative of local O.T.O. bodies in the United States invite you to join in their online celebration of the Thelemic Holy Season this year, March 19th through April 10th!  Information from the Golden Thread Camp website below details this observance of the days leading up to and including the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the law.

It is a growing tradition that we read and discuss a section of our Holy Books each night for 23 consecutive nights up through the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law. Each night’s reading is paired with a Hebrew Letter and a Tarot Card.

These readings are all done through Skype Online and brought to you by the joint efforts of Black Sun Lodge, Golden Thread Camp, Sapphire Current Camp and Anabasis Camp.

All are welcome, whether you know the Holy Books by heart, or if this is your first time exploring them. Feel free to join the conversation or just listen in on any of these days.

If you are interested in participating, the calls begin every night at 8:00pm EST. 


Skype Information: To join, first search for the ‘Holy Season Discussion Group’ Skype Channel, and request to be a contact. Once you request this the group will accept you as a contact. At the start time of the Skype talks, call in to the Channel (with just audio, no video) and they will add you into the group call. Please make sure your Skype is updated before participating.


Schedule of Readings:
March 19 Liber VII, “Prologue of the Unborn”
March 20 TAV, The Universe: Liber VII, Cap. 2 & Liber LXV, Cap. 2
March 21 SHIN, The Aeon: Liber Trigrammaton
March 22 RESH, The Sun: Liber VII, Cap. 4 & Liber LXV, Cap. 4
March 23 QOPH, The Moon: Liber VII, Cap. 6 & Liber LXV, Cap. 3
March 24 TZADDI, The Emperor: Liber Tzaddi
March 25 PEH, The Tower: Liber VII, Cap. 1 & Liber LXV, Cap. 5
March 26 A’AYIN, The Devil: Liber A’ash
March 27 SAMEKH, Art: Liber CMLXIII, the Treasure-House of Images: Note & Sagittarius
March 28 NUN, Death: Liber Arcanorum
March 29 MEM, The Hanged Man: Liber Porta Lucis
March 30 LAMED, Adjustment: Liber CDXVIII, 13th Aethyr
March 31 KAPH, Fortune: Liber VII, Cap. 3
April 1 YOD, The Hermit: Liber VII, Cap. 5 & Liber LXV, Cap. 1
April 2 TETH, Lust: Liber Stellae Rubeae
April 3 CHETH, The Chariot: Liber Cheth
April 4 ZAYIN, The Lovers: Liber CDXV, The Paris Working, Opus VIII
April 5 VAV, The Hierophant: Liber B Vel Magi
April 6 HEH, The Star: Liber ARARITA
April 7 DALETH, The Empress: Liber VII, Cap. 7
April 8 GIMEL, The Priestess: Liber CCXX & Liber 31, Cap. I (Nuit)
April 9 BETH, The Magus: Liber CCXX & Liber 31, Cap. II (Hadit)
April 10 ALEPH, The Fool: Liber CCXX & Liber 31, Cap. III (Heru-Ra-Ha)


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