Thelemic Artist Juan Ramirez

Robert Flores, who often posts interesting, Thelemic-oriented material on his FB page name-checked Juan Ramirez’s art work so we took at look at his website and there is some lovely examples of his art on display there. His website sez:

“Juan has taken the path of the unexplored. His art has taken him to the depth of the human soul and the nature of the spiritual life and the individual. By showing the process of the spiritual development as a physical experience, his art turns inward and deals with the notion of vastness and the mystery of the unconscious.

“The message is a paradox in which the spectator becomes part of the painting, and the painting becomes a doorway to the unknown.

“The powerful physiological impact is achieved by the content of Juan’s work, and by the representation of symbols and images from obscure origin.

“Juan uses techniques that evoke the almost forgotten lessons of the 18th and 19th centuries while maintaining its own sense of individuality and modernity.
Juan is currently residing in the New York City Area.”

Have a look:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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