The World’s Deadliest Garden

I’m sure it’s happened that you were whipping up some vision-inducing incense or flying ointment, needed some in-toxic-ating herbal ingredient and hadda stop and abandon yr cauldron to either drive out to the nearest occult shop or place and online order and put things on hold till you had the missing shiz in hand. BUZZ KILL!  So imagine how cool it’d be to have a fully stocked garden full of such goodies – or baddies  – as the case may be.

Well, the Alnwick Garden complex in Northumberland features The Poison Garden!

Their website states:

“The Alnwick Garden plays host to the small but deadly Poison Garden—filled exclusively with around 100 toxic, intoxicating, and narcotic plants. The boundaries of the Poison Garden are kept behind black iron gates, only open on guided tours.

“Visitors are strictly prohibited from smelling, touching, or tasting any plants, although some people still occasionally faint from inhaling toxic fumes while walking in the garden.

“Created by the Duchess of Northumberland, The Alnwick Garden is a delight; a modern garden combining sculpture, water features, and beautiful plants to create a wonderful family attraction. The Garden features the largest collection of European plants in the UK and the largest Japanese Cherry Orchard in the World.”

Here’s a Smithsonian Magazine article:

Check out a video feature on The Poison Garden:

And if you’re going to be in Northumberland, plan a visit!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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