The Witches Behind The Craft: Legacy

The New York Times ran a feature on the recently released sequel to 90’s Teen Witch film, The Craft. The new film is called The Craft: Legacy and it’s director  Zoe Lister-Jones employed witches in the cast and as consultants. An excerpt from the article states:

“Lister-Jones, 38, who starred in the CBS sitcom ‘Life in Pieces’ opposite Colin Hanks, wrote and directed the 2017 indie comedy ‘Band Aid’ (notable for its entirely female crew) and has made feminist stories a hallmark of her career. Like the original, ‘The Craft: Legacy’ is intersectional; Lister-Jones added a trans character and a story line about male toxicity. “There’s an umbrella of oppressive structures that I was also trying to make an entertaining film within,” she said.

“Magic mattered, too. Three-quarters of her leads were already practicing some form of witchcraft.

“’When I met them for the chemistry read, they were, like, taking crystals out of their pockets,’ she said. ‘They still are all on a coven group text chain, and doing new-moon and full-moon ceremonies together virtually.’

“She also employed several practitioners of the occult as consultants. Forget producers: ‘I had witches who were holding me accountable,’ she said.These are excerpts from our conversation.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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