The ‘Sex Cult’ That Preached Empowerment

WHOOPS! When I first came on this headline I thought it was another sensationalistic and entirely inaccurate attack by some Alex Jones wannabe coming after the OTO, perhaps prompted by watching a couple episodes of Strange Angel. BUT NO! This is a story we’ve noted before, about investigations of the Nxivm group.  The New York Times Sunday Magazine did an extensive feature on this organization, painting not too purty a picture.

I’m not indicating that I believe all the details or conclusions reported, though a lot of this is all too familiar – folks that come up with 19th century deprogramming tech, apply it to basic aspirations of self improvement, dress it up in au courant technical argot and charge handsomely to school ya in it. In the worst cases (not pointing fingers at Nxivm or any other particular group), the deprogramming is quickly followed by specific reprogramming dictated by the founders/owners (or governing board, who might indeed profit financially) of the organization.

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PS if you’re tempted to try out such a program — you might just buy a copy of the “Frogs Into Princes” neurolinguistic programming for dummies text and read that first. Ya might save yourself a half a mil.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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