The Satanic Temple Undertaking “The Sabbatical Cycle” mini-tour

The Satanic Temple, our [meaning the editors of this blog specifically and not US Grand Lodge of OTO per se] favorite purveyors of  highly intelligent and puissant political theater, has announced their plans to stage a short series of live rituals.  On February 19 Sebastian Neberius Alexander posted to FB:

“The Satanic Temple, in a bold and unprecedented move has scheduled four live, public Satanic rituals across the nation (U.S.A.) as part of a The Sabbatical Cycle, a tour de fierce religious pilgrimage that is both religious service and evocation, conjuring the merciless rage of our comrades, advocates, lovers, enemies and one time defectors to rise up and together, take pride in our damnation, for it is the fuel of a Hellfire whose bellows are at the command of each and every revolutionary willing to reclaim their personal sovereignty and question the authenticity of a preconceived, prefabricated, precisely perverted religious morality that has weakened the will of our citizens, discarding constitutional authority and replacing it with an ever increasingly powerful religious theocracy which has successfully passed legislation that constricts if not tears from our grip those liberties both explicit and implied in the Constitution due to every gender identity or lack thereof, to every age, or ethnic mixture! While we can each find a reason to divide ourselves and thus be conquered by the abstract authority of unquestionably unconstitutional faith based legislation, we all need not look for the desire of liberty that unites us. In this spirit, The Satanic Temple performed the ritual entitled “Convocation Of The Godless” to a crowd in which each congregant was given a black and white American flag, with the instruction of placing it at places in which the transformative force of Satanic activism was needed, where there was oppression, and even the specific addresses of those who oppressed. Loteria boards and cards were handed randomly out to those awaiting entry with the instructions to never leave their life to chance, and join us in The Satanic Revolution! Texas is the home of Liberty, independence, and shall henceforth be the battle ground once again! The Lonestar has revealed itself as Lucifer, the Morning Star! They wanted an apocalypse and we shall bring it to them on our terms! Rise up fellow Texans, or forever be fallen!”

This first of these was held in Austin, TX and photos have been posted. No news readily apparent on the date and place of the remaining three.

hail Satan 2

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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