The Rosicrucifixion by Jake Stratton-Kent

U.K. publishers Hadean Press have announced a new release, The Rosicrucifixion by Jake Stratton-Kent. The publisher’s site explains:

“It is always a good day when new work from Jake Stratton-Kent appears. In this case it is short work that was initially destined for Conjure Codex IV, but when I began to edit it, I decided it deserved to be made into a little book of its own. The Rosicrucifixion is the same size and format as Goetic Liturgy; as time permits, we’ll release more of Jake’s short works from the archives as little pocket-sized books. But for now, allow me to introduce you to this one:

“The Rosicrucifixion is a sideways look at matters Christian from angles which, while appealing to many occultists and heretics, may be as appalling to many supposed Christians. A strong undercurrent of Christian sexual symbolism is revealed alongside a reappraisal of Gnosticism as more genuine and original than the Church, with a demolition of historical assumptions and propaganda serving the early agenda of the latter.

“Jake Stratton-Kent takes lance in hand and spurs on his charger for a fresh assault on the mountain of conditioning and bullshit that obscures the vision of the assembled multitudes — to free Mankind from the Bonds of the Ancient Sorcery, and get every Brazen Slut in the Hidden Community of Saints ejaculating to the tones of Ave Maria!

“The Rosicrucifixion is available in both print and digital editions, and to coincide with its release, we are for the first time offering Goetic Liturgy in digital format as well.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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