The Rosary Art of Conjuration

Haden Press announced a new publication, Ars Rosaria. The publisher’s website says:

We are delighted to announce the latest release in our Guides to the Underworld series: Ars Rosaria: The Rosary Art of Conjuration by Simon Dyda.

Rosary beads are more commonly considered a devotional tool than a magical one, yet from a magician’s perspective they are unambiguously both, and can be used as a ward against evil as well as a means of ensuring that wishes will be granted. In this Guide to the Underworld rosary beads are used in combination with adaptations of the Holy Rosary, a Marian exorcism and various goetic conjurations to conjure and form pacts with the demons of Goetia.

Ars Rosaria is available in print and digital editions directly from Hadean Press, and the Kindle edition will soon be available on Amazon. We will list it on our Ebay shop for EU customers if requested.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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