The Reality of Magical Solutions

Yesterday there was an interesting post at about “The Reality of Magical Solutions” which starts:

“Sometimes when life throws crazy shit at us we don’t think to use magic. For prolonged problems, sure, people will turn to magic. But I’ve also seen people so entrenched in their problem that they don’t consider magic until things get way out of hand. People seem even less likely to turn to magic when something sudden and awful happens. You worry, you get scared you think of more effective, real world grounded solutions. But as you become more engaged in magic magic should become an effective, real world, grounded solution.

“Like anything we encounter, it will depend on the specific situation. If someone is trying to harm you standing your ground and “shielding” is probably not a good option (if one assumes shielding even has any reality to it). But if you’re hiding from someone maybe calling spirits to misdirect them or make you “invisible” is a reasonable way to bolster your efforts to hide. Calling on a martial spirit as you begin to investigate car troubles might make sense. Bewitching an abuser mid-abuse may require a presence of mind the would be too difficult in such a moment. Reality. Magic is real, and like all other tools our use of it should be based on the reality of our capabilities and the reality of the situation.

“Skipping magic as a solution because it doesn’t feel real, or using magic in an untenable situation because of fantasy ideas or just because you like the good feels are similarly problematic. Both undercut your ability to function as a magician.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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