The Proper Use Of Aphrodisiacs

As enthusiasts with a yen for experiencing the unleashing of solar-phallic energies (meaning the life/creative force and not the weiner per se) clearly sexual arousal is a topic near and dear to us. A recent story reported on NPR’s All Things considered takes at look at aphrodisiacs and finally comes to the conclusion that the can spark sexual imagination, but probably not libido. Though at the same time the report concludes that while sexual arousal is psychological and NOT physiological so that imagination is exactly what you want to spark.

So while this report basically isn’t giving up any sure-fire victuals or recipes that will function in the same way as culinary Viagra there’s plenty to stoke imaginative processes that appear to be actually key to arousal.

Bon(e) appe-tit (hehehehehe)


Thanks for Soror Hypatia for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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