The Poetry of From The Mundane To the Magical By Lita-Luise Chappell

As we’re shining a little light on the literary output of OTO initiate Lita-Luise Chappell we thought we’d remind folks of her book of poetry, From The Mundane To The Magical. The Amazon descriptions says:

“From the Mundane to the Magical is an ambitious poetic history written by an author who sincerely appreciates each facet life enshrines. Touching on war, environmental issues, modern technology, and our ever-changing world, Chappell is a generous author whose honesty is tangible. Readers are taken on a magic carpet ride from Alaska to the Mediterranean, Asia, and beyond. Captured here is the true essence of culture, people, and animals from all edges of the world. Nuances of rose quartz, Dickinson, and Parker are present in the poems written and inspired by the many experiences of love and loss, which truly inspire an open mind and heart. And, if that wasn’t enough for the average reader, the magic abounds with a series of folkloric poetry to set the imagination afire.” – Apryl Skies, A Song Beneath the Silence

And we’re glad to present one of the poems contained therein:

The Searcher

As I walked out toward the sea, I saw the world spread out for me.

And in my heart I knew that I would be a searcher.

All the people round me glared. Their clutching music boxes blared.

And in my patience I declared I’d be a searcher.

So many tongues that wagged and talked, but a peace among them that they balked.

War was always there they clocked, and this they would nurture.

Where in the world am I to find a peaceful, growing, knowing kind,

A people true to life and not resigned to mock a searcher?

A searcher deep within them knows no matter what, all life still flows.

The qualities that grow are what we must nurture.

© Lita-Luise Chappell

You can order it here:

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