The Petrie Museum, London’s Other Amazing Egyptian Collection.

When I visited the UK a few years ago, one of my favorite Museums was the Petrie Museum.  The Petrie Museum isn’t as well known as the British Museum but it houses over 80,000 artifacts.  It is one of the most impressive collections of Egyptian artifacts.

The museum is named after William Matthew Flinders Petrie, an archaeologists who at the age of 26 years and for the next 5 decades, he excavated numerous sites at an amazing pace.  He feared that the artifacts would be lost due to modernization of Egypt.  In his time Cairo grew so fast that it was beginning to encroach on the Giza Pyramids, hence his concern was legitimate.

The result of Petrie’s ambition is an amazing collection. For example this beaded dress is just one of the amazing items on display.  Just a small amount of items is on display but the collection is well worth the visit.

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