The Path in Eternity


from Hiroyuki Takechi

After the big event known as “The Path of the Great Return and The Path in the Eternity, the A.’.A.’. and the OTO” held in September 2011, we have been working with O.T.O. business very seriously in this country. Nihil Lodge (Tokyo) and Sky Goddess Nu Camp (Osaka) are the two holy wings of O.T.O. Japan and I received a confirmation from the Supreme Council, so we got a third local body in Chiba prefecture, named Deus Solis Ra Camp. Additionally, Frater Shiva, Tenth Degree, National Grand Master General in Grand Lodge of Australia is going to visit Tokyo again at the end of March 2015. He and Brother J. Daniel Gunther lit the fire in the East three years ago, and this small fire is growing big little by little. The next event with Frater Shiva is“The Path in Eternity”. We are entering the next journey in the Path of the Spiritual Fire. So mote it be!

Peter Seals

20+ year member of the Ordo Templi Orientis having served in various governmental and organizational capacities. 5+ year host of Thelema NOW!, the official podcast of OTO/USGL under the Nom de Pod, Frater Puck. Serious bibliophile for longer than I can remember.

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