Erzebet Barthold Publishing Collection of Her Short Stories

Hadean Press owner, Erzebet Barthold, just released a collection of her own short stories, The Mirror Tells All and Other Stories. The publisher’s site sez:

“Peasants, princesses, princes and fighting men. Wives, daughters, fairy queens and friends. They share in common triumph and loss, but what binds them all is love. This collection of includes five previously published and four unpublished short stories by Erzebet Barthold who is best known for her work as a publisher (Papaveria Press and Hadean Press). Inside you’ll find fairy tale retellings, pure fantasy, and the weird, bound together by the subversive notion that while we can be damaged and broken, wholeness is our natural state.

“Erzebet Barthold is an author, artist, editor, bookbinder, and independent publisher. She is inspired by fairy tales, folklore, and the wild places in the world. She is best known on this website as the Managing Director of Hadean Press, but in her other life her short fiction has been published by Fantasy Magazine, Not One of Us, Clarkesworld Magazine, Tor Books, Lethe Press, Mythic Delirium Books, and her novellas and novels by Prime Books.


A Sure and Certain Song
A Prince’s Kiss
What a Queen Does with her Hands
Jane Strange
The Stolen Children
The Green Dragon
The Shapeshifter’s Lover
At the Core
The Mirror Tells All

Signed copies available!:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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