The Mediumistic Art of Madge Gill

Here’s an interesting piece about early 20th century Madge Gill artist who said her work was “guided” by a spirit. Her husband consulted a doctor about these visitations and he was advised her to send her to the infamous asylum Bedlam, but thought better of it. Mrs. Gill wound up being an incredibly prolific artist who often credited her spirit guide as the creator of her pieces. Here’s an excerpt from a recent Telegraph piece on Gill:

“Madge Gill was 37 when the spirit first visited her in the east London home she shared with her husband and their two young sons. It happened in the unseasonably cold spring of 1919, but that didn’t stop Gill from leading her boys – Laurie and Bob – into the garden, where she said she saw angels in the sky. ‘It caused great awe at the time,’ Laurie later recalled.”

Read the whole piece:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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