The Magical Thinking Behind Today’s Witch Practice

Hellfire Book Club recently announced a new title, The Real World Art of Cunning Craft: the magical thinking behind todays Witch Practice by Shani Oates

Available as two limited editions:

31 full leather copies in slipcase signed by the author:…/cunning-craft-ltd-31-copies/
72 copies quarter bound with marbled boards:…/cunning-craft-ltd-to-72-co…/

“Originally delivered as a private lecture on the inner nature of traditional witchcraft, presented here as a monograph on cunning craft, 106 pages illustrated.

“Cunning-craft in folklore and in the real lives of common people from all parts of Great Britain has had an enormous influence upon the fascination with, and development of contemporary witch belief and practice. The often apparent crudity of some cunning craft practices hides a real wisdom and insight into the human condition.

“As an author and contemporary witch, Shani Oates carefully peels back the layers of history and archaeology to reveal the real intent and purpose of many cunning-man and cunning-woman traditions.

“A respected writer and researcher both into the history of witchcaft and the subtlety of its psychology, Shani Oates reveals the relevance of cunning-craft to todays world and seeks to define its place as central to the good life well lived.

“Shani Oates is an author, artist and seer in the initiatic tradition of witchcraft first defined by Robert Cochrane. Amidst the Mercian Moorlands, her world is infused with ancestral lore. Craft Tradition is her life there; her spirituality is a Faith that inspires the magics that in turn embodies the mystic and pilgrim within.

“Her research into theology, philosophy and anthropology has deepened her engagement through their Mysteries proper. These disciplines have sourced her lectures at moots and Esoteric Conferences, serving further her role and duty as the current Maid of the ‘People of Goda, of Clan of Tubal Cain’.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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