The Little Key to The True Grimoire

UK publisher Hadean Press has released two new pamphlets in their Guides to the Underworld series. The Little Key and A Wondrous Spell: Necromancy in the PGM. The print and epub editions are available from Hadean Press, and the Kindle edition is waiting for you on Amazon. We’ve already posted about A Wondrous Spell, here’s some spiel on The Little Key:

“Written as a companion to a practical study of the Grimorium Verum, with particular reference to Joseph H Peterson’s edition under that title and Jake Stratton Kent’s The True Grimoire, The Little Key will be invaluable to any magician working this particular simple, elegant and complete system of practical Goetia.

“Rob Rider hill, working very much at the coattails of the editors above, has defined a structure by which to undertake the operation given in the text in an orderly fashion, focusing primarily on the activity of magic, the creation of things, the ritual action, and most significantly, through these activities, the development of relationships with the spirits which is intended to supplement, and not to replace study and practice of the source texts.”

Order the print edition here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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