The Little Book of Wicked Spells

UK occult publishing house, Hadean Press nas announced the release of their latest Guides To the Underworld pamphlets, M. Belanger’s Little Book of Wicked Spells. The posted description says:

Magick, and especially binding spells, have long been subversive acts, frequently employed by those denied more socially acceptable paths to justice – the marginalized and the oppressed. In The Little Book of Wicked Spells: Binding and Retribution Magick, M. Belanger offers nineteen spells, charms, and rhymes which are wholly modern, yet employ many time-honoured techniques with an eye toward restorative justice.

M. Belanger is the founder of House Kheperu, author of The Dictionary of Demons, and designer of the Watcher Angel Tarot, among numerous other works. A recognizable face on US and Canadian television for occult and paranormal expertise, Belanger has a degree in comparative religions, was a National Merit Scholar, and was nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award for work with Tenebrous Press.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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