The Literary World Crowley Moved In

Interesting overview of the most envelope pushing authors of the turn of the LAST century, including several track the Prophet of the Lovely Star is on record as admiring. The article drops many names that most of y’all will find familiar. It starts:

“This past year has been an excellent one for any devotee, no matter how languid, of the British 1890s. In this period aesthetes and decadents such as Oscar Wilde, Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock and Enoch Soames celebrated art for art’s sake, while flaunting their outrageous personalities and flouting the bourgeois establishment. Delicate young men produced slim volumes of ethereal verse or prose, then gave them titles like ‘Discords,’ ‘Wreckage’ or ‘Negations.’ This was the era of that notorious quarterly, the Yellow Book, and of the grotesque Pierrots and courtesans depicted in its pages by Aubrey Beardsley. It was, in many ways, the first colorful flowering of modern gay culture.”

Read the whole thing:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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