The Light Extended: A Journal of the Golden Dawn (Volume 3)

This passed August saw the publication of The Light Extended: A Journal of the Golden Dawn (Volume 3). You might recall that The Master Therion was a Golden Dawn initiate until he ran afoul of the schisming of founding member MacGregor Mathers and the member of the London lodge. The posted description says:

“Taking its name from the rituals of the Order of the Golden Dawn, this journal aims to extend the light through information, o ering a combination of unpublished original order documents and new material from prominent voices in the esoteric world today. With a unique mix of scholarly articles and practical advice, this book provides an essential resource for those interested in the Golden Dawn system of magic.

“Topics include Tracing Signs, Self Isolation in the GD, Nephthys as a 6=5 Patron, the Stella Matutina Grade Meditations, Practicus Astrology, the 76 Names of Metatron, Assumption of Godforms, the AO Neophyte Ceremony, Tarot Workings, and a retelling of a classic Brothers Grimm tale.

“With contributions from: Tony Fuller, Samuel Scarborough, Alex Sumner, Jayne Gibson, Jaime Paul Lamb, Frater Manu Forti, J.P.F., Adam P. Forrest, Soror DPF, Darcy Küntz, Frater Yechidah, and Frater YShY.’

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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