The Hidden and True Pneumatology

Hadean Press has opened pre-orders for Pneumatologia Occulta Et Vera or The Hidden and True Pneumatology: An Obscure 17th Century Grimoire Text for Conjuring Spirits to Reveal Hidden Treasure, Derived from a Manuscript of the Mystical Spanish City of Salamanca. It was translated from the German into English, edited, with footnotes and introduction by Steve Savedow and features a a foreword by Dr Alexander Cummins. The posted description says;

Amongst the many gems of this tradition, the seventeenth century Pneumatologia Occulta et Vera or The Hidden and True Pneumatology stands out for its unique combination of material.

The discussion of spirits, their nature, and how to work with them is illuminating, both in the scholarly discussion referencing Apollonius, Apulieus, Philostratus, Porphyry, and St Cyprian, and in the material given by the Olympic spirit Ophiel in a fascinating discourse recorded by the monk Albertus Bajer who conjured it.

The combination of unique material with parts from the HeptameronArbatel, and Three Books of Occult Philosophy provides an extensive range of angels and demons of the elements, planets, and zodiac along with methods of working with them. Of particular interest is the emphasis on the use of the bell and the crucifix. As with many German grimoires, locating treasure is a major theme which is explored in great detail, and the Hekate prayer for use with treasure spirits is another unexpected gem emphasising the survival of ancient Greek magic into the grimoire tradition.

Steve Savedow’s translation of this obscure German text has done a great service to the grimoire tradition, adding it to the corpus of material available in the English language.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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