THE HEKATAEON: Cassidy Edition by Jack Grayle – Limited Edition Hardcover – Preorder

The last edition of The Hekataeon sold out in less than a week, and it has remained in high demand ever since. Due to popular demand, Grayle Press is now re-issuing this  popular grimoire in a formidable, altar-worthy volume that contains all of the hymns, prayers, invocations, incantations, scripts and initiatory rites found in previous editions, as well as three new workings which explore the Hekatean intersection with the Mesopotamian dog-goddess Gula, the Egyptian syncretic scavenger Hekanubis, and Sirius, the beautiful but dangerous Dog Star.  It also contains ten magnificent new images (and twenty-nine re-drafted sigils) by occult artist Rowan E. Cassidy.

It’s gorgeous, and Rowan Cassidy’s artwork adds depth and an eeriness to the volume. Therefore:


Harper Feist


    • we probably won’t post about this book becoming available again but I’m sure if you contact the publisher via the link provided in the posting they’d be glad to notify you themselves when it’s reprinted.

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