Anniversary of the Passing of Willie Mae Thornton

Willie Mae Thornton playing the harmonica

Today is the anniversary of Willie Mae Thornton’s death in 1984. Better known as Big Mama Thornton, she was a powerful blues singer whose songs helped lead to the development of rock & roll. She was the original singer of “Hound Dog,” later recorded by Elvis Presley, and “Ball and Chain,” later recorded by Janis Joplin. On this day in 1984 she died of a heart attack.

Biography tells us, “In 1984, Thornton was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. Her song ‘Ball and Chain’ appears in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list of ‘500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.'”

In honor of Big Mama Thornton, here is a recipe for a delicious Bourbon Cake with Pecans.

Bigography: Big Mama Thornton, Songwriter, Singer.






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