The Future of Gender and Sexuality

Young people gathered at Paris Gay Pride 2017

“Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me… Love is the law, love under will.” –The Book of the Law I:51, 57

“The Beast 666 ordains by His authority that every man, and every woman, and every intermediately-sexed individual, shall be absolutely free to interpret and communicate Self by means of any sexual practices soever, whether direct or indirect, rational or symbolic, physiologically, legally, ethically, or religiously approved or no, provided only that all parties to any act are fully aware of all implications and responsibilities thereof, and heartily agree thereto.” –Commentary to The Book of the Law I:51

An opinion piece in The Daily Dot discussing gender and sexuality viewed through the lens of the iGeneration, notes that “…one defining feature experts are starting to notice is the iGen’s tendency to view gender and sexuality as something on a spectrum, not just simply male or female, or gay or straight.” Also known as the Generation Z, this group of young people is “loosely defined as anyone born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s (aka ages 7 to 22).”

The future is fluid: Generation Z’s approach to gender and sexuality is indeed revolutionary.


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