The Feast of Marjorie Cameron


Today, July 24, is the Feast of Marjorie Cameron (1922 – 1995 e.v.), known simply as “Cameron,” an artist, poet, actress, occultist, and wife of rocket pioneer and occultist Jack Parsons.

CameronAccording to IMDB: “Red haired, blue eyed Marjorie Cameron was born April 23, 1922, in Belle Plain, Iowa, and grew up in Wisconsin. Her parents were Hill Lislie Cameroun and Carrie V. (Ridenour) Cameroun. She was in the Navy in WWII, and served in Washington as an aide to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as a photographer. After the war she moved to Los Angeles. There she was introduced by a friend to the Agape Lodge of the OTO, where she met future husband John W. (Jack) Parsons.”

Wikipedia tells us: “After serving in the U.S. Navy during the Second World War, Cameron settled in Pasadena, California, and met Parsons, who believed her to be the “Elemental woman”—an earthly incarnation of the Thelemite goddess Babalon—that he and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had invoked in the early stages of a series of sex magick rituals called the Babalon Working. She is now regarded as a countercultural icon and key figure in the development of postwar Los Angeles art.”

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In honor of Cameron, enjoy this Red Lion Flambé Cherries Jubilee recipe from Guy Fieri.


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