The Feast of Marguerite Porete

Marguerite Porete

“I am God, says Love, for Love is God and God is Love, and this Soul is God by the condition of Love. I am God by divine nature and this Soul is God by righteousness of Love. Thus this precious beloved of mine is taught and guided by me, without herself, for she is transformed into me, and such a perfect one, says Love, takes my nourishment.” –Marguerite Porete, The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls and Those Who Only Remain in Will and Desire of Love

Today, June 1, is the Feast of Marguerite Porete. It is also National Donut Day in the United States. Marguerite Porete was a French-speaking mystic the author of The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls and Those Who Only Remain in Will and Desire of Love, and was burnt at the stake as a heretic for refusing to remove her book from circulation or recant her views.

The Guardian interviewed Tina Beattie, Professor of Catholic Studies at Roehampton University, London, who tells us:

“Little is known about Porete, apart from the record of her trial and what can be gleaned from her writings. It seems likely that she was associated with the beguines, a women’s religious movement which spread across northern Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries. Although the beguines devoted themselves to charity, chastity and good works, they took no religious vows and their lifestyles varied greatly, from solitary itinerants (of which Porete was probably one) to enclosed communities. The beguines were part of an era of vigorous spiritual flourishing during the Middle Ages. They were condemned by the Council of Vienne (1311-1312), which also condemned the Free Spirit Movement with which they were sometimes (and probably erroneously) identified. Although the beguine movement declined dramatically in the 15th century, some beguine communities survived until the early 20th century.”

A pastry shop

One way to celebrate National Donut Day.

In honor of Marguerite Porete, why not spend a day working in the spirit of agape? Although there are surely better acts of charity, you can always give a free donut to a person in need!

Get free donuts:

Learn more about Marguerite Porete:


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