The Feast of Dame Leila Waddell

Leila Waddell

Leila WaddellTomorrow, September 13, is the Feast of Dame Leila Waddell, a violinist and famed Scarlet Woman of Aleister Crowley, a powerful historical figure in magick and Thelema in her own right. Waddell starred in the Rites of Eleusis at London’s Caxton Hall. She was a muse to Crowley, inspiring poems like “Duck Billed Platypus” and “Waratah Blossoms.” In April 1999, she was inducted into the Order of the Eagle.

In honor of Leila’s New South Wales birthplace, please enjoy this cocktail recipe via The Recipe Link!

Outback New South Wales Sangria

4 oz Australian cabernet wine
½ oz Red Sangria mix
¼ oz Korbel brandy
1 oz mango syrup
1 oz orange juice
¾ oz pineapple juice

Pour together and serve over ice.

Learn more about Leila Waddell:



  1. Stephanie, what is Dame Leila holding in her right hand in this exceedingly amazing portrait?

    • Hi Tony, I’m not quite sure what Dame Leila is holding. At first I thought perhaps it was a paten, but it appears to have a small handle or something of the sort. Someone else must know, so hopefully they’ll comment!

  2. Thanks Stephanie and many thanks for the fascinating Dame Leila links,i love Zero = Two!!!

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