Another primo bit of wisdom from Jason Miller’s Monday Magick Newsletter:

THE ENTOURAGE RULE:  When you wear a talisman, amulet, or any kind of magic tied to your person, you should pretend that there is an entourage surrounding you carrying it out. Ask yourself how that effects your life and the rest of your magic

If you have more than one bit of magic, how would these two posse’s interact? If you have a talisman for destroying enemies, imagine Tony Soprano’s crew hanging out all day. How are they going to interact with the Health and Wellness talisman? How will they effect your ordinary relationships? Probably not all that well. At very least it will create a very combative mode of keeping your health. How about your Financial Sorcery Glyph? What you imagine as helping you spread your benign and helpful service to those who need it can come off like domineering and aggressive tactics. This is because, as I wrote in Elements of Spellcrafting, magic is rhyzomal. It branches out underground in directions we cannot see and control, than sprouts up in surprising ways. Competing rhyzomes can cancel each other out, or work counter to one another in the same garden.

There is also an issue of strength. A simple protection talisman is fine. Its the Entourage equivalent of having a bodyguard. Daily banishings, shields, and layered protection all day every day however is like running around with a secret service detail – it will seriously hamper your ability to meet and network with both people and spirits. Or you can think of it like thick protective clothing vs heavy jousting armor. You may need the heavy armor sometimes, but no matter what they showed in Excalibur, its not fun to eat and screw in.

A student was surprised that I had any enemies out there in the occult community at all because they assumed I had ongoing sweetening spells at all times. I do not. Spells like that going at all times will lock you in a mirror cage shielding you not only from those who want to tear you down, but those who have valid criticisms that you should hear.  You cannot see reality as it is through cloud of your own enchantment.

This is why I tend to favor cultivating solid ongoing practices and strategic magic that will build strong relationships, financial foundations, bodily health, and the good fortune, saving the heavy handed magic for target short term enchantments.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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