The Cult of Mother God

It’s true that I’m fascinated with toxic cults and that’s for many reasons but the pre-eminent one is noting the large amount of crossover between them and generally benevolent occulture. Both populations tend to style themselves as utopian, follow charismatic leaders who claim to be the incarnation heroic figures from the past, and most importantly, believe that beyond the consensual reality we’re obviously subject to, that there’re hidden laws, force and histories that control our lives in unfathomable ways that we can come to understand and take command of with sufficient study or eschatological revelations. Yet clearly there’s a point of divergence and understanding that is invaluable to us so that we don’t wind up going down the path to tragedy.

The latest to come to my attention is the Love Has Won cult founded and led by “Mother God,” aka Amy Carlson, which is the subject of the documentary series “Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God” ( One of the notable features of Love Has One of the notable features about the group was its vigorous use of social media – regularly posting videos and livestreams of their daily activities, Mother God’s statements and the like. The documentary makes extensive use of this material. Here’s Sunday New York Times Magazine coverage on Love Has Won:

I did some surveying on YouTube and mostly I found promotional videos for the documentary, various news pieces by legit news organizations and more sensational podcasters. So I leave you to do your own research if you’re interested.

One interesting postscript – when Mother God fell ill she regularly ingested large amount of colloidal silver and slowly but surely turned pretty blue. When she “ascended” she was very blue and her body quickly mummified and was kept by the surviving members of Love Has Won.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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