The Cosmic Connection in Salem, MA

NU AEON’s THE COSMIC CONNECTION , aka TEMPLE of STARS located at 88 Wharf Street, Pickering Wharf in Salem Massachusetts was the late OTO initiate Reverend Richard Ravish’s most powerful mystical vision came into physical manifestation. This is a Gallery of Stellar Art, Light and Magick with ceilings painted with a cosmic skyscape, filled stars lit by fiber optics. As his 2012 obituary noted: “He designed THE COSMIC CONNECTION to be a spiritual condenser of the Astral Light and a finely tuned ritual instrument for those who are ready to believe in and work with Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Higher Spiritual Realities.” Read the entire obituary here:

Attached to the venerable magical supply store NU AEON, the TEMPLE of STARS is described at their site as having been “constructed to be a Witches’ Planetarium, a Gallery of Art, Light and Magick. This authentic mystical attractionis for people with open hearts and minds seeking visionary experiences,  and who are ready to believe in and work with the Gods and Goddesses, the  Angels and the Great Good Spirits who manifest the Grand Design of the Universe and direct life here on Earth.  The Cosmic Connection  has been designed to be a collector of Astral Light and a finely tuned ritual instrument for connecting with Higher Spiritual Realities, for alignment with one’s High Self, attunement with True Will, and to summon spiritual assistance in order to optimize on the Great Work of Life.  Our Magick Circle and Elevenfold Star of Enchantment resonate with the Seven Sacred Planets of the Ancients, the Four Elements, the Light of the Stars that encircle Mother Earth, and Great Spirit that binds and brings all things together.  If you are a soul in search of greater enlightenment…We welcome you to the Cosmic Connection!

“Entry into this chamber is not advised for staunch materialists, mean people,or those lacking in spiritual vision and imagination. For best results, please leave your psychological baggage and psychic armor outside this Chamber of Transformation.  Join us in the work of willing a better future into being, for our greatest good and the good of All. So mote it be. Blessed Be! 93” – Yours in the Great Work , Gypsy [widow of the Reverend Ravish]

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Having been in communication  with the Reverend Ravish during the building of the gallery, I can attest to the passion and creativity that he brought to this creation.  I  was not only deeply saddened by his passing on its own terms, but also because he didn’t have the opportunity to do much of the spiritual work he’d designed it for. And yet his work remains. This is well worth the visit if you’re ever in this area.

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