The Chamber of Darkness

The Chamber of Darkness by Robert Anderson Plimer is now available from the UK’s Black Lodge Publishing. The publisher’s site says:
“The Chamber of Darkness is a Typhonian based follow-up to the previous work, The Flesh of Re in which the author analysed the Ophidian Current and skrying the 12 Hours of the Duat as recorded in the Middle-Egyptian hieroglyphs detailed in The Book of Gates (the duatic netherworld). In this work, The Chamber of Darkness, the author guides the reader as a student practitioner of the magical arts, through the rituals and complexities described in the so-called Book of Thoth – a Late Demotic text recently collated into a single edition from over 40 textual fragments. The author’s analysis of the demotic text provides the modern student and practitioner of magick with first-hand knowledge about how students were instructed through initiatic training, scribal duties and learning how to use the glyphic system of sentient–symbols in per-ankh (the ‘House of Life’), and then more importantly how one becomes a magical-practitioner/healer and seer or swnw (pronounced ‘sewnew’) by engaging at-keki (‘the Chamber of Darkness’) and dislimning into the shetit (‘the beyond’). Please note – Airmail is to Europe only. USA & Canada will be sent overland and could take up to 6 weeks. If you require a quicker service please contact us for a price.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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