The Beast of Loch Ness Documentary

The Beast of Loch Ness is a documentary film being produced by Ashley Cowie and B4films in cooperation with the The Boleskine House Foundation. The description of the documentary posted on the production company’s website says:
“Located on the banks of Loch Ness the historic Boleskine House has been blighted by similar fear-based mythologies that created the legendary loch monster. This film explores the lost histories, the mysteries and the craft skills hidden within the house, turning the tide on what has become the Highland’s most misinterpreted and neglected building.”
Recently the production company announced an update on Facebook:
“Finally, after a year of pre-production, we have just release the names of the investigation team for our new film ‘The Beast of Loch Ness’. This dynamic group of renowned historians, writers, podcasters and filmmakers will explore Boleskine House separating historical facts from modern pop-culture and fiction. We will of course deep dive Aleister Crowley‘s time at the house revealing what the self-styled ‘MegaTherion‘ (Great Beast) really got up to in Scotland.”
They posted details on the investigative team being involved:
Gordon Rochford – Those Conspiracy Guys podcast
Manon Hedenborg White – Södertörn University
Vinnie Adams – Disclosure Team
Stewart Clelland – Teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Melissa Seims – The Wika
Dan Zetterstrom – Anomalies Investigator
Ashley Cowie – History Fuzz
You can learn more about the film here:

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