Teitan Press Publishes Soft Cover Edition of Colin D. Campbell’s “The Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee”

Weiser Antiquarian books has announced  the publication of the soft cover edition of Colin D. Campbell’s The Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee. The Sigillum Dei Aemeth.  by Teitan Press. Their site states:

“The Magic Seal of John Dee” comprises a detailed examination of the history and structure of the Sigillum Dei Æmeth of the Elizabethan scholar and magician, Dr. John Dee, as well as a study of its use in the practice of ritual magic. The book not only elaborates on the patterns used in constructing the Sigillum Dei, but also brings it out of the limited confines of the Enochian temple and shows it to be a magical system in its own right. The recognition of the patterns established in the construction of the Sigillum Dei allows us to view the seal in a new light, not as a static object whose design was immutably fixed in the study of a Renaissance magician, but as a dynamic instrument that can be reconstituted in the light of modern interpretation. The author further demonstrates that beneath its façade lies a powerful system of evocation that can be used for the very same method of angelic communication as that used by Dee and Kelley in its reception. He explains the nature and method of its use in evocation and in so doing reveals the Sigillum Dei as a powerful system of planetary magick. The appendices also include a new transcription and translation of Dee’s “Liber Mysteriorum Secundus”, the source-work that details the reception of the Sigillum Dei, and a translation of the section of the famous grimoire, “The Sworn Book of Honorius”, that defines the earliest known precursor of the Sigillum Dei. The author, Colin D. Campbell, is a long-time student and teacher of the Thelemic, Kabbalistic, and Enochian magical systems. In addition to “The Magic Seal of John Dee” he has also authored “Of the Arte Goetia”, compiled and edited “A Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema”, and edited the Frederick Hockley edition of “A Book of the Offices of Spirits.” NEW book, fine condition. Item #56328

Price: $24.50




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