Teaser for Rosaleen Norton Doc Posted

Director Sonia Bible’s LONG-in-the-works documentary of Australian occultist and artist Rosaleen Norton seems like it’s closing in on the finish line. There’s a teaser now posted. The posted description says:

“Genius or crank? Rosaleen Norton shocked 1950s Australia with her kinky sex life and occult paintings, but today her work seems strangely prophetic. A feature length documentary from internationally award-winning director Sonia Bible, critically acclaimed producer Peter Butt and introducing Kate Elizabeth Laxton as Rosaleen Norton.”

Director Bible said on FB:

“Night, freakish night, sets me free.”
“I am beyond ecstatic that our film The Witch Of Kings Cross is finished. Sonia Bible, our director is a superstar, and has worked so hard on this project for 6 years. I admire her so much & cannot thank her enough for giving me this role of a lifetime. To step into the shoes of this incredible woman & be able to do voiceover in Rosaleen’s own words is something I will never forget. The entire cast & crew will forever hold such a special place in my heart.
For the ones who dream of stranger worlds… Sometimes we need a little magic, especially this year.
If the broomstick fits, fly it baby. 

Have a lookee


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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