Teaching Philosophy to Primary School Students

London newspaper, The Independent recently ran a story on the effect that teaching philosophy to primary school students had on their learning other subjects which appears to be highly salutary.


While this would seem like a good thing, one wonders what The Master Therion would think of this strategy as he had his own, very definite ideas on raising children, laid out in his essay “On The Education of Children” which would can find here:


Among other things he felt:

“Education is assisting a soul to express itself. Every child should be presented with all possible problems and allowed to register its own reactions; it should be made to face all contingencies in turn until it overcomes each successfully.

“Its mind must not be influenced, but only offered all kinds of nourishment. Its innate qualities will enable it to select the food proper to its nature.

“Respect its individuality! Submit all life for its inspection, without comment.

“Truth teaches understanding, freedom develops will, experience confers resourcefulness, independence inspires self-confidence. Thereby success becomes certain.”

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Thanks to Soror Hypatia for the tip

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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