Tau Polyphius Publishes New Book – A Bishop’s Advice

Tau Polyphilus, a long tenured Bishop of the Eccelsia Gnostica Catholica has published a new book A Bisho’s Advice. His own description of its contents is as follows:
“This new book offers practical advice regarding the production of the Gnostic Mass among O.T.O. initiates. Includes chapters regarding each of the ritual offices (Children, Deacon, Priestess, and Priest), implementing the rubrics of Liber XV, ritual memorization, and Low Mass. The treatment of this central ceremony of our sacramental celebration draws on the experience of serving for over three decades as an officer in hundreds of Gnostic Masses in a wide variety of locations and groups.”
And here’s a trailer about the publication posted on YT:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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