Tarot Deck Based on Photographs of Mystics Around the World

Photographer Justin Aversano has created a unique new tarot deck titled “Smoke and Mirrors featuring photographs of mystics from around the world. Here’s his explanation:

“For “Smoke and Mirrors” I photographed 78 sets of artists, astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, and other forms of mystics from all around the world. Each subject represents a unique tarot card. I am creating a body of work focused on the existence of magic and mysticism through an immersive portrait survey and tarot readings. In the proverb of storytelling, psychics, and astrologers have an assigned position as the all-knowing gypsy with profound visions, within all concurrent and historical cultures—a charged spirit of the ethereal that encompasses destiny, luck, and faith. Mysticism has a deep root in shared folklore, conjuring metaphysical manifestations across the astrological, mythological, academic and the denouement, stringing together tangents of one’s everyday reality with cosmic synchronicity. I will be converting the black and white photographs into colorful silkscreen paintings by using three film formats; Polaroid, 35mm, and 4×5. Combining the elements of the real (photographic) and the surreal (painting) to facilitate a broad & reflexive mixed-media dialogue that discerns the characters, their powers, and the significance of their presence in this natural world. So that together, we may raise the vibration of consciousness.”

Follow his progress: https://www.justinaversano.com/smokeandmirrors.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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