An Inventory of Lucifer’s Grotto

7PM tonight. Frater Aladdin, aka Brother James Garvey, will be there In Spirit. Come to East Williamsburg! Or is it Williamswick? Bushwickburg. Whatever. Straight up Bushwick. Montrose L stop, so much to answer for. Also, features work by Genesis Breyer… Continue Reading

Beijing Nigredo II

from & “In ancient China, it was believed that by using the life-force energy of a victim as the energetic matrix of a hexing spell, a seasoned sorcerer could filter out the energetic cords attached to his or… Continue Reading

FACTORY 718: Mao-Shan 茅山 草人/ 纸人 术

From Robert Buratti & Mao-Shan 茅山 草人/ 纸人 术 pen, ink and acrylic on paper 40 x 30cm FACTORY 718 Opening 6.30pm Friday 5th December ______________________________________ Mao-Shan Straw Effigies 茅山 草人/ 纸人 术 There are 2 types of Effigies… Continue Reading

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Can you all hear me?

from WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Can you all hear me? Including works by Brion Gysin Liliane Lijn, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Shezad Dawood & Cerith Wyn Evans December 4,  2014 –  February 7, 2015 As the final event celebrating the centenary… Continue Reading


Right in time for Christmas… The deluxe “auracular” edition of REASONANCES is selling really well! Only FOUR copies left right now… Hand-bound in quarter iridescent salmon skin, silvered edges, custom marbled endpapers, grey cloth boards, mandarin silk ribbon, and presented… Continue Reading