Scholarly Lecture on Crowley and Gunn Falls a Little Short

Penn Museum (Phil.) hosted “Unwrapping Egyptology and the Occult: The Curious Case of Battiscombe Gunn and Aleister Crowley” 10/25. Dr. Steve Vinson, PhD discussed the case Battiscombe Gunn (1883-1950), still remembered as one of the most insightful Egyptologists of his… Continue Reading

New Book Details Relationship Between Aleister Crowley & Egyptologist Battiscombe Gunn

Published this passed July by the Routledge, Taylor and Francis, Histories of Egyptology includes the chapter “Studies in Esoteric Syntax: The Enigmatic Frieldship of Aliester Crowley and Battiscombe Gunn, authored by Steve Vinson and Janet Gunn, the latter being Battiscombe… Continue Reading