Surrealist Novel by Master Mage Leonora Carrington Re-Published

Here’s a review from earlier this year of a new re-publication of The Hearing Trumpet, a 1974 novel by Leonora Carrington, a potent, underappreciated Surrealist painer, author and mage. If you search this blog you’ll find a buncha stuff on her as we’re BIG fans.

It begins:

“Enter Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), a British-born Mexican painter and author who fantastically surpasses her Freud-struck, phallocentric contemporaries. Her 1974 novel, “The Hearing Trumpet,” newly reissued, stands out as something at last truly radical, undoing not only our expectations of time and space, but of the psyche and its boundaries.”

and ends:

“The result is a mind-flaying masterpiece, held together by Carrington’s gifts of wit, imagination and suspense. We ourselves arrive at the end feeling reconfigured, as if the book — like “Mount Analogue,” by Carrington’s fellow Surrealist René Daumal — has only just begun where it cuts off. We are reminded, then, of the power of fiction not to reflect or to define, but to create a gateway to a place that wasn’t visible to us before the text, and yet has always existed just beyond our present reality’s dull edge.”

read the whole review:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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