Sundry Announcements from the Cultus Sabbatai’s Three Hands Imprint

Three Hands Press, the publishing arm of the Cultus Sabbatai has announced the shipping of a new title, picking up distribution for another publication and the like. Here’s the deets, geets!

Of the Witches’ Pact with the Devil
The deluxe leather edition of our exclusive letterpress book Of the Devil has just arrived from our handbindery and will be shipping Friday, November 17. This book was limited to a mere 40 copies and is almost sold out; a small number remain in our inventory and may be purchased from our website .

Production Update: The Green Mysteries

We are pleased to have secured the elusive paper stock that so large and complex a book requires, and the extra expense in producing the 16-page offset proofs was well worth it. Although producing a proof plate is a step many publishers avoid because of cost, all press equipment is calibrated differently, and where print quality must be top-notch it is essential. As we head into the Christmas season, please be advised that the standard hardcover and paperback versions will be released the week ending January 6, 2018. There is a chance the books may arrive earlier, but we are adding a week to the revised schedule to account for the inevitable congestion on press around the holidays. We thank our customers, especially those that have long had this title in pre-order status, for their patience.

The Witching Other By Peter Hamilton-Giles

Three Hands Press announces sole North American distributorship of Peter Hamilton-Giles’ latest book The Witching Other, now available for order. Peter’s previous titles, published by Three Hands Press, are The Afflicted Mirror and The Baron Citadel. His latest title proposes that the archetypal witch, as a conduit for magical understanding, must remain remote to us, and that the witch has as much to do with metaphysical absences than physical presences. thus the plenary figuration of what we sense-experience only takes us so far in our comprehension. With the figure of the witch, there is something else dwelling beyond the veil; as a consequence the ‘witching-other’ appears as the absence of what is considered present.

Standard editions are available, and the limited deluxe editions are due in our warehouse just after the turn of the year. Please note we can only ship to addresses in North America, all other customers should contact Atramentous Press .

Liv Rainey-Smith Images To Appear at Darkest Winter exhibit
Darkest Winter, an exhibition featuring new works by Three Hands Press artist Liv Rainey-Smith will launch at Gargoyles Statuary  in Seattle next month. Join Liv for the Opening from 6-9pm on December 15th. The show will run for a month, and will feature several works for new projects from Three Hands Press.

Facts Concerning the Second Edition of Veneficium

In the time since the first edition of Daniel A. Schulke’s Veneficium rapidly sold out in 2012, the need for republication has been clear, as we have received inquires from customers seeking this title on a daily basis. However, our busy press schedule has prevented the republication until this Autumn.

Given the foci of its corpus of essays, as well as those works which were not included, a progression of magical ideas was identified uniting the whole that gave greater context to Veneficium.

The second edition of Veneficium will thus be the first in a trilogy of related books each of which concerns specific aspects of witchcraft, the first of these being poison. The books will all have a similar design, though each title will have different lengths and contents. The second book will be release in 2018, and the third in 2020.

Three Hands Press will soon announce imminent publication of the second edition of Veneficium. The new book will contain all the text present in the first edition, but there are some notable differences and evolutions in the new iteration. For the sake of clarity and reader information, these key differences are listed below:

-correction of typographic errors from the first edition
-a new typographic design for the entire book, to be used for the entire trilogy
-slight expansions of certain chapters
-one additional chapter

-several additional images
-a new original title page illustration by artist Benjamin A. Vierling
-a short introduction
-an index

Furthermore, there will be some important changes to the published formats. The standard hardcover with dust jacket will, of course, be the standard-bearer for the series. We will also publish the book in a paperback edition, at a reduced price over the standard hardcover. Finally, for each title in the series there will be a limited number of deluxe quarter leather issues. Although we will not use snakeskin as we did for the first edition, all deluxe editions will have an accompanying slipcase due to customer preference.

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