Sub -Saharan Witchcraft and Magic

Germany’s Soul of Africa Museum features extensive online content that includes extensive materials regarding spirituality and magic. It’s mission statement is:

“The Soul of Africa Museum considers itself as a open forum for intercultural encounter, and for the graphic exchange of art , culture, history and politics on the basis of authentic experience.

“On the basis of the international collection of African art and ethnographic objects, with a valuable photographic, film, document and a  comprehensive library, visitors experience the historical development of  Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The primary goal of Soul of Africa is to promote intercultural education, promote integration through information , intercultural friendship, and an open exchange of ideas without prejudice. In a time of globalization these aspects  have gained in importance. Furthermore it is a declared goal of the museum to build networks between people  from Africa and our local population. Years of experience and good contact to personalities and organizations involved in culture, art and politics in West and Central Africa make this possible.

“The Soul of Africa Museum sees itself as a cultural institution with a special educational mission and without commercial interests. Profit from the different business areas flow right back into the organization to finance projects.”

Meanwhile the Witchcraft & Magic page begins:

“The belief in witches is manifest everywhere in the world, but only among settled societies. Inherent in that belief is the idea that certain people – usually women – possess a specific power which enables them, even drives them, to separate their “free soul” from their sleepimg body at night and send it on its journeys. Their intention is always evil. Witches are seen as the bringers of death, disease, and material loss. Their desires are at odds with all social values, such as helpfulness and solidarity. Witches uproot trees, rage through storms, unleash disfiguring diseases  such as leprosy or scabies, and make people blind, lame,deaf, mute, impotent, or infertile by “eating” the relevant organ or turning women’s wombs around in their bodies. They tempt people into theft, wastefulness, and drinking. In other words, any inexplicable misfortune is credited to them.”

If you have some free time over the solstice holidays, check it out!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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